Audio File Info.

      afinfo [option...] audio_file(s)

Options: (may appear before or after arguments)
        Print help.

        Print a brief (one line) description of the audio file.

        Get the estimated duration after obtaining the real packet count.

        Run leaks at the end of the conversion.

   -i --info
       print contents of the InfoDictionary.

   -u --userprop } 4-cc
       Find and print a property or user data property (as hex string) [does not print to xml].

   -c --chunkdata } 4-cc
       Find and print a chunk (as hex string) [does not print to xml].

       Print output in xml format.

       Print warnings if any (by default warnings are not printed in non-xml output mode)

The macOS Finder Get Info window for an audio file displays: Genre, Author, Year Recorded, Sample Rate, Duration and Channels, where available.


Get file information for jolene.mp3:

$ afinfo jolene.mp3
File:           jolene.mp3
File type ID:   MPG3
Num Tracks:     1
Data format:    2 ch,  44100 Hz, '.mp3' (0x00000000) 0 bits/channel, 0 bytes/packet, 1152 frames/packet, 0 bytes/frame
                no channel layout.
estimated duration: 219.742025 sec
audio bytes: 8789681
audio packets: 8412
bit rate: 320000 bits per second
packet size upper bound: 1052
maximum packet size: 1045
audio data file offset: 33

Pipe the output to grep or awk to return individual values:

$ afinfo jolene.mp3 |grep 'bit rate'
bit rate: 320000 bits per second

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