Create and populate home directories on the local computer.

      createhomedir [-scbalh] [-n directoryDomainName] [-u username]


   -s     Create home directories for server home paths only (default).

   -c     Create home directories for local home paths only.

   -b     Create home directories for both server and local home paths.

   -a     Create home directories for users defined in all directory domains of the server's search path.

   -l     Create home directories for users defined in the local directory domain.

   -L     Causes the created home directory to be localized.

   -n directoryDomainName
          Create home directories for users defined in a specific directory domain in the server's search path.

   -u username
          Create a home directory for a specific user defined in the domain(s) identified in the -a, -l, or -n parameter.
          If you omit the -a, -l, and -n parameters when you use the -u parameter, -a is assumed.

   -i     Read the username list from standard input and create specified home directories.
          Each username should be on its own line.

   -h     Usage help.

When using the -a option, search limits of various directory servers (such as Open Directory or Active Directory) can prevent all possible home directories from being created. In this case, you may need to specify the usernames explicitly.



Create a home directory for the user BreonnaT, this will not overwrite if the directory already exists:

$ createhomedir -u BreonnaT

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