enable /disable

Enable and disable builtin shell commands

      enable [-adnps] [-f filename] [name ...]


   -f filename Load the new builtin command name from shared object filename,
               on systems that support dynamic loading.

   -d name     Delete a builtin previously loaded with -f.

   -n          List all disabled builtins

   -n name     Each name is disabled; otherwise, names are enabled.

   -a          List all builtins with enabled/disabled state of each.

   -p          List all enabled builtins.

 <no options>  List all enabled builtins.

   -s          List only the POSIX special builtins.

Disabling a builtin allows a disk command which has the same name as a shell builtin to be executed without specifying a full pathname, even though the shell normally searches for builtins before disk commands.


Use the test binary found via the PATH instead of the shell builtin version

$ enable -n test

To restore the builtin version:

$ enable test

The return value is 0 unless a name is not a shell builtin or there is an error loading a new builtin from a shared object.

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