Line printer control program

      lpc [ command [ parameter(s) ] ]

          Exit the command interpreter.

       help [command]
          Display a short help message.

          Exit the command interpreter.

       status [queue]
          Display the status of one or more printer or class queues.

       ? [command]
          Display a short help message.    

If no command is specified on the command-line, lpc will display a prompt and accept commands from the standard input.

Since lpc is geared towards the Berkeley printing system, it is impossible to use lpc to configure printer or class queues provided by CUPS. To configure printer or class queues you must use the lpadmin(8).

"Programming is dreadfully impermanent; it’s more like performance art than literature” ~ Bruce Sterling

Related macOS commands

accept(8), cancel(1), disable(8), enable(8), lp(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), lpstat(1), reject(8),

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