List the contents of an installer's bom (bill of materials) file. This can be used to find out what files an installer will add/replace in your system before running it. It can also list details of a previous install.

      lsbom [options] [--arch archVal] [-p parameters] bom ...

     -b     list block devices

     -c     list character devices

     -d     list directories

     -f     list files

     -l     list symbolic links

     -m     print modified times (for plain files only)

     -s     print only the path of each file

     -x     suppress modes for directories and symlinks

     --arch archVal
     when displaying plain files that represent fat macho binaries
     print the size and checksum of the file contents for
     the specified archVal (either "ppc" or i386")

     -p parameters
     print only some of the results Note: each option can only be
     used once:
           c       32-bit checksum
           f       file name
           F       file name with quotes (ie "/usr/bin/lsbom")
           g       group id
           G       group name
           m       file mode (permissions)
           M       symbolic file mode (ie "dr-xr-xr-x")
           s       file size
           S       formatted size
           t       mod time
           T       formatted mod time
           u       user id
           U       user name
           /       user id/group id
           ?       user name/group name

For each file in a bom, lsbom prints the file path and/or requested information. If no options are given, lsbom will display the output formatted such that each line contains the path of the entry, its mode (octal), and its UID/GID. There are slight differences in the output for plain files, directories, symbolic links, and device files.

The -p option can be used to specify a user-defined format for lsbom's output. The format string consists of one or more characters described above where each character represents a datatype.

Datatypes will be separated by tab characters, and each line will end with a newline character. One can use this mechanism to create output similar to the ls command.


    lsbom bomfile       list the contents of bomfile

    lsbom -s bomfile       list only the paths of the contents of the bomfile

    lsbom -f -l bomfile      list the plain files and symbolic links of the
           bomfiles (but not directories or devices)

    lsbom -p MUGsf bomfiles  list the contents of bomfile displaying only the
           files' modes, user name, group name, size, and filename

    lsbom DevTools.pkg/Contents/Resources/ >contents.txt
                             List the files that will be installed by the "DevTools" package,
                             saving the list to contents.txt.

    lsbom DevTools.pkg/Contents/Resources/ | more
                             List the files that were installed by the "DevTools" package
                             and pipe it through more.

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