Page through text one screenful at a time, less provides more emulation and extensive enhancements.


     more [-dlfpcsu] [-num] [+/ pattern] [+ linenum] [file ...]

     -num  This option specifies an integer which is the screen size (in

     -d    more will prompt the user with the message "[Press space to continue,
           'q' to quit.]" and will display "[Press 'h' for instructions.]"
           instead of ringing the bell when an illegal key is pressed.

     -l    more usually treats ^L (form feed) as a special character, and will
           pause after any line that contains a form feed.  The -l option will
           prevent this behavior.

     -f    Causes more to count logical, rather than screen lines (i.e., long
           lines are not folded).

     -p    Do not scroll.  Instead, clear the whole screen and then display
           the text.

     -c    Do not scroll.  Instead, paint each screen from the top, clearing
           the remainder of each line as it is displayed.

     -s    Squeeze multiple blank lines into one.

     -u    Suppress underlining.

     +/    The +/ option specifies a string that will be searched for before
           each file is displayed.

     +num  Start at line number num.

The -n and -v options are non-standard and their use in scripts is not recommended.

When the output of more is redirected to a file, it outputs a small header for each file:
:::::::::::::: filename.txt ::::::::::::::

"If I had my life to live over, I'd make more mistakes next time. I would relax. I would limber up..." ~ Jenny Joseph

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