Remove Directory (Delete folders)

          rmdir [-p] folder ...

   -p      Each folder argument is treated as a pathname of which all
           components will be removed, if they are empty, starting with the
           last most component. (See rm for fully non-discriminant recursive removal.)

The rmdir utility removes the entry specified by each folder argument, provided it is empty.

Arguments are processed in the order given. To remove both a parent and subfolder, the subfolder must be specified first so the parent is empty when rmdir tries to remove it.

If an error occurs, rmdir exits with a value >0.


To delete all these folders:
    My Other Folder/
Use the command
  rmdir MyFolder/SubFolder MyFolder "My Other Folder"

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rm - Remove files or folders (including recursive delete).
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trimforce - Enable TRIM commands on third-party drives.

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