security authorize

   authorize [-updPiew] [right...]
          Authorize requested right(s).  The extend-rights flag will be passed by default.

          -u              Allow user interaction.
          -p              Allow returning partial rights.
          -d              Destroy acquired rights.
          -P              Pre-authorize rights only.
          -l              Operate authorization in least privileged mode.
          -i              Internalize authref passed on stdin.
          -e              Externalize authref to stdout
          -w              Wait while holding AuthorizationRef until stdout is closed. This will allow client
                          to read externalized AuthorizationRef from pipe.


          security> security authorize -ud my-right
                   Basic authorization of my-right.

          security> security -q authorize -uew my-right | security -q authorize -i my-right
                   Authorizing a right and passing it to another command as a way to add authorization to
                   shell scripts.

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