security Find Certificate

   find-certificate [-h] [-a] [-c name] [-e emailAddress] [-m] [-p] [-Z] [keychain...]
            Find a certificate item.  If no keychain arguments are provided, the default search list is

            -a              Find all matching certificates, not just the first one
            -c name         Match on name when searching (optional)
            -e emailAddress
                            Match on emailAddress when searching (optional)
            -m              Show the email addresses in the certificate
            -p              Output certificate in pem format.  Default is to dump the attributes and keychain
                            the cert is in.
            -Z              Print SHA-1 hash of the certificate


            security> find-certificate -a -p > allcerts.pem
                     Exports all certificates from all keychains into a pem file called allcerts.pem.

            security> find-certificate -a -e -p > certs.pem
                     Exports all certificates from all keychains with the email address into a
                     pem file called certs.pem.

            security> find-certificate -a -c MyName -Z login.keychain | grep ^SHA-1
                     Print the SHA-1 hash of every certificate in 'login.keychain' whose common name
                     includes 'MyName'

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