security internet password

   add-internet-password [-h] [-a account] [-s server] [-w password] [options...] [keychain]
            Add an internet password item.

            -a account      Specify account name (required)
            -c creator      Specify item creator (optional four-character code)
            -C type         Specify item type (optional four-character code)
            -d domain       Specify security domain string (optional)
            -D kind         Specify kind (default is "application password")
            -j comment      Specify comment string (optional)
            -l label        Specify label (if omitted, service name is used as default label)
            -p path         Specify path string (optional)
            -P port         Specify port number (optional)
            -r protocol     Specify protocol (optional four-character SecProtocolType, e.g. "http", "ftp ")
            -s server       Specify server name (required)
            -t authenticationType
                            Specify authentication type (as a four-character SecAuthenticationType, default
                            is "dflt")
            -w password     Specify password to be added
            -A              Allow any application to access this item without warning (insecure, not recommended!)
            -T appPath      Specify an application which may access this item (multiple -T options are
            -U              Update item if it already exists (if omitted, the item cannot already exist)

            By default, the application which creates an item is trusted to access its data without warning.
            You can remove this default access by explicitly specifying an empty app pathname: -T "". If no
            keychain is specified, the password is added to the default keychain.

   add-certificates [-h] [-k keychain] file...
            Add certficates contained in the specified files to the default keychain.  The files must contain
            one DER encoded X509 certificate each.
            -k keychain     Use keychain rather than the default keychain.

“The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble” ~ Henry Miller (The Rosy Crucifixion I )

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security - Administer Keychains, keys, certificates and the Security framework.

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