security keypair

   create-keypair [-h] [-a alg] [-s size] [-f date] [-t date]
      [-d days] [-k keychain] [-A|-T appPath] [name]

            Create an asymmetric key pair.

            -a alg          Use alg as the algorithm, can be rsa, dh, dsa or fee (default rsa)
            -s size         Specify the keysize in bits (default 512)
            -f date         Make a key valid from the specified date
            -t date         Make a key valid to the specified date
            -d days         Make a key valid for the number of days specified from today
            -k keychain     Use the specified keychain rather than the default
            -A              Allow any application to access this key without warning (insecure, not recommended!)
            -T appPath      Specify an application which may access this key (multiple -T options are

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security - Administer Keychains, keys, certificates and the Security framework.

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