Scriptable image processing system. sips is used to query or modify raster image files (JPG/GIF/PNG) and ColorSync ICC profiles. Image processing options include flip, rotate, change image format/width/height. Its functionality can also be used through the "Image Events" AppleScript suite.

      sips [image-query-functions] imagefile ...

      sips [profile-query-functions] profile ...

      sips [image-modification-functions] imagefile ...
           [--out result-file-or-dir]

      sips [profile-modification-functions] profile ...
           [--out result-file-or-dir]

      sips [-h, --help] 
sips [-H, --helpProperties] FUNCTIONS Profile query functions: -g key --getProperty key Output the property value for key to stdout. -X tag tagFile --extractTag tag tagFile Write a profile tag element to tagFile. -v --verify Verify any profile problems and log output to stdout. Image query functions: -g key --getProperty key Output the property value for key to stdout. -x profile --extractProfile profile Get the embedded profile from image and write it to profile. Profile modification functions: -s key value --setProperty key value Set a property value for key to value. -d key --deleteProperty key Remove a property value for key. --deleteTag tag Remove the tag element from a profile. --copyTag srcTag dstTag Copy the srcTag element of a profile to dstTag. --loadTag tag tagFile Set the tag element of a profile to the contents of tagFile. --repair Repair any profile problems and log output to stdout. Image modification functions: -s key value --setProperty key value Set a property value for key to value. -d key --deleteProperty key Remove a property value for key. -e profile --embedProfile profile Embed profile in image. -E profile --embedProfileIfNone profile Embed profile in image only if image doen't have a profile. -m profile --matchTo profile Color match image to profile. -M profile intent --matchToWithIntent profile intent Color match image to profile with rendering intent: perceptual | relative | saturation | absolute. --deleteColorManagementProperties Delete color management properties in TIFF, PNG, and EXIF dictionaries. -r degreesCW --rotate degreesCW -f horizontal|vertical --flip horizontal|vertical -c pixelsH pixelsW --cropToHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW Crop image to fit specified size. -p pixelsH pixelsW --padToHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW Pad image with pixels to fit specified size. --padColor hexcolor Use this color when padding. White=FFFFFF, Red=FF0000, Default=Black=000000 -z pixelsH pixelsW --resampleHeightWidth pixelsH pixelsW Resample image at specified size. Image apsect ratio may be altered. --resampleWidth pixelsW Resample image to specified width. --resampleHeight pixelsH Resample image to specified height. -Z pixelsWH --resampleHeightWidthMax pixelsWH Resample image so height and width aren't greater than specified size. -i --addIcon Add a Finder icon to image file. OPTIONS The commands --getProperty, --setProperty, and --deleteProperty can use one of the following keys as a parameter: Special property keys: all binary data allxml binary data Image property keys: dpiHeight float dpiWidth float pixelHeight integer (read-only) pixelWidth integer (read-only) typeIdentifier string (read-only) format string [ jpeg | tiff | png | gif | jp2 | pict | bmp | qtif | psd | sgi | tga ] formatOptions string default | [ low | normal | high | best ] | [ lzw | packbits ] space string (read-only) samplesPerPixel integer (read-only) bitsPerSample integer (read-only) creation string (read-only) make string model string software string (read-only) description string copyright string artist string profile binary data hasAlpha boolean (read-only) Profile property keys: description utf8 string size integer (read-only) cmm string version string class string (read-only) space string (read-only) pcs string (read-only) creation string platform string quality string [ normal | draft | best ] deviceManufacturer string deviceModel integer deviceAttributes0 integer deviceAttributes1 integer renderingIntent string [ perceptual | relative | saturation | absolute ] creator string copyright string md5 string (read-only)

sYour personal ICC profiles are stored in the folder:
or ~/Library/Colorsync/Profiles

There are also system wide copies under:

Press the Option/Alt key to reveal the library folder in Apple finder.


Convert a jpeg image into a .png image:

$ sips -s format png oldpic.jpg --out newpic.png

Convert a folder filled with .jpgs to .pngs:

$ for fi in *.jpg; do sips -s format png $fi --out $fi.png; done

Convert a folder filled with raw .RAF images . to .jpgs:

$ for f in *.RAF; do sips -s format jpeg $f --out $f.jpg; done

Resize an image to 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall:

$ sips -z 300 600 original.jpg --out new.jpg

Resize the largest side of an image, preserving the aspect ratio:

$ sips -z 600 original.jpg --out new.jpg

Get the size of an image (dots per inch):

$ sips -g dpiHeight -g dpiWidth mini.jpg
dpiHeight: 72.000
dpiWidth: 72.000

“Genius is the ability to see things invisible, to manipulate things intangible, to paint things that have no features” ~ Joseph Joubert

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