BCDBOOT.exe (Windows 7 /2008)

Set up a system partition, repair the boot environment located on the system partition.

      BCDBOOT source [/l locale] [/s volume-letter]
         [/v] [/m [{OS Loader GUID}]]


   source  The location of the Windows directory to use as the source for
           copying boot-environment files.

   /l      The locale. default = US English.

   /s      The volume letter of the system partition.
           The default is the system partition identified by the firmware.

   /v      Enable verbose mode

   /m      By default, merge only global objects.
           If an OS Loader GUID is specified, merge the given loader object within
           the system template to produce a bootable entry.

BCDboot can also be run from Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment)


Initialize the system partition using files from the operating system image installed on the C: volume:

C:\> bcdboot C:\Windows

Set the default BCD locale to Japanese, and copy BCD (Boot Configuration Data) files to drive S:

C:\> bcdboot C:\Windows /l ja-jp /s S:

Merge the OS loader in the current BCD store identified with the given GUID in the new BCD store:

C:\> bcdboot c:\windows /m {d58d10c6-df53-11dc-878f-00064f4f4e08}

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