BOOTCFG.exe (Windows XP/2003)

Edit the Windows boot settings stored in Boot.ini. For Windows 7/2008+ use the BCDEdit command instead.

      BOOTCFG /addsw    Add OS load options for an OS entry in boot.ini

      BOOTCFG /copy     Duplicate the entries for an OS instance.

      BOOTCFG /dbg1394  Configure 1394 port debugging

      BOOTCFG /debug    Edit the debug settings for an OS.

      BOOTCFG /default  Specify the default OS

      BOOTCFG /delete   Delete an OS entry [operating systems] section of Boot.ini

      BOOTCFG /ems      Redirect the EMS console to a remote computer (server only). 
                        (Emergency Management Services) 

      BOOTCFG /list     List entries in boot.ini

      BOOTCFG /query    Display section entries from Boot.ini

      BOOTCFG /raw      Add OS load options, specified as a string 

      BOOTCFG /rebuild  Totally rebuild boot.ini (use when Windows won't start)

      BOOTCFG /rmsw     Remove OS load options for an OS

      BOOTCFG /timeout  Change the OS time-out value.

Detailed options for all the above are available from BOOTCFG /? Items in bold are only available from the recovery console

Default identification strings:

OS Load Options = /Fastdetect
Load Identifier = Microsoft Windows XP Professional

If you intend to rebuild the boot.ini file, delete it first - boot into the recovery console then:

 ATTRIB -H -R -S  C:\Boot.ini 
 DEL C:\Boot.ini
 Bootcfg /Rebuild

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