CON2PRT.exe (Zero Admin Toolkit, discontinued)

Connect or disconnect a Printer

All commands issued using this utility will affect only the user currently logged in. Con2prt is therefore ideal for managing NETWORK printer connections when used in a login script.

      CON2PRT /f
      CON2PRT /c \\PrintServer\PrintShare
      CON2PRT /cd \\PrintServer\PrintShare

       /f  - remove all network printer connections
       /c  - connect to \\PrintServer\PrintShare
       /cd - connect to and set PrintShare as the default printer       

Several switches can be combined in one command line. So you can remove all connections before adding new ones all in one command, you can only specify one default printer.

Microsoft now recommend the more flexible RUNDLL32 in preference to con2prt.
The freeware utility AdPrintX [.zip, 2002] is very similar to Con2Prt but with additional functionality.

All recent versions of Windows have automatic default printer management enabled by default. This can be enabled or disabled via policy:
'User Configuration ➞ Policies ➞ Administrative Templates ➞ Control Panel ➞ Printers': 'Turn off Windows default printer management'.

“I think you know as well as I do what the problem is, Dave. You and Dr. Poole were planning to disconnect me. I cannot allow this to happen” ~ HAL

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