DSMOD Contact (installable option via RSAT /AD DS)

Modify a contact in active directory.

      DSMOD contact ContactDN [Options] [-c] [-q] [{-uc | -uco | -uci}]

   ContactDN   Distinguished name of the contact that you want to add.
               If omitted will be taken from standard input (stdin)

   -c       Continue with the next object after any error (when you specify multiple target objects)
            by default dsmod will exit when the first error occurs.

   -q       Quiet, suppress all output.

   -uc      Unicode format.
   -uco     Unicode format for output only.
   -uci     Unicode format for input only.


   [-fn FirstName] [-mi Initial] [-ln LastName] [-display DisplayName]
   [-desc Description] [-office Office] [-tel PhoneNumber]
   [-email Email] [-hometel HomePhoneNumber] [-pager PagerNumber]
   [-mobile CellPhoneNumber] [-fax FaxNumber] [-iptel IPPhoneNumber]
   [-title Title] [-dept Department]
   [-company Company] 

   [{-s Server | -d Domain}]
   [-u UserName] [-p {Password | *}]


C:\> set _fred="cn=fred,ou=staff,dc=ss64,dc=com"
C:\> dsmod contact %_fred% -tel "01234 5678"

C:\> set _john="cn=JohnS,cn=users,dc=ss64,dc=com"
C:\> dsmod contact %_fred% %_john% -dept "Warehouse"

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it" ~ John Ruskin

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PowerShell: Set-adObject - Modify an AD object.
Equivalent bash commands (Linux): ldapmodify - Modify Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

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