Add a message to the Windows event log, requires administrator rights.

      EVENTCREATE [/S system [/U username [/P [password]]]] /ID eventid
            [/L logname] [/SO srcname] /T type /D description

    /S system         The remote system to connect to.

    /U [domain\]user  User credentials under which to execute.

    /P [password]     Password for user, will prompt if omitted.

    /L logname        The event log to create an event in.

    /T type           The type of event to create: SUCCESS, ERROR, WARNING, INFORMATION.

    /SO source        The source to use for the event  A text string that represents the application
                      or component that is generating the event. Default='eventcreate'

    /ID id            Event ID, a number between 1 - 1000.

    /D description    Description text for the new event.

    /?                Help


Add an ERROR to the Application log:

C:\> EVENTCREATE /T ERROR /ID 1000 /L APPLICATION /D "My application error mesaage"

Add a WARNING to the Application log for Application SS64App:

C:\> EVENTCREATE /T WARNING /ID 500 /L APPLICATION /SO SS64App /D "Running low on diskspace"

Add an ERROR to the Application log on Server401:

C:\> EVENTCREATE /S Server401 /T ERROR /ID 250 /L APPLICATION /D "Something bad happened"

Add an ERROR to the Application log on Server401:

C:\> EVENTCREATE /S Server401 /U billg /P password /ID 250 /T ERROR /L APPLICATION /D "Something bad happened"

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