Loop through files (Recurse subfolders)

      FOR /R [[drive:]path] %%parameter IN (set) DO command

   drive:path  : The folder tree where the files are located.

   set         : A set of one or more files enclosed in parenthesis (file1.*, another?.log).
                 Wildcards must be used.
                 If (set) is a period character (.) then FOR will loop through every folder.

   command    :  The command to carry out, including any parameters.
                 This can be a single command, or if you enclose it
                 in (parenthesis), several commands, one per line.

   %%parameter : A replaceable parameter:
                 in a batch file use %%G (on the command line %G)

This command walks down the folder tree starting at [drive:]path, and executes the DO statement against each matching file.

If the [drive:]path are not specified they will default to the current drive:path.

Unlike some other variants of the FOR command you must include a wildcard (either * or ?) in the 'set' to get consistent results returned. In many cases you can work around this by adding a single character wildcard e.g. if you are looping through multiple folders to find the exact filename myfile.txt you could instead specify myfile.t?t

FOR does not, by itself, set or clear the Errorlevel.
FOR is an internal command.


Delete every .bak file in every subfolder starting at C:\temp
For /R C:\temp\ %%G IN (*.bak) do Echo del "%%G"

A batch file to rename all .LOG files to .TXT in the 'demo' folder and all sub-folders:
CD C:\demo\
For /R %%G in (*.LOG) do Echo REN "%%G" "%%~nG.TXT"

Remove the echo from these commands to run them for real

Change directory to each subfolder under C:\Work in turn:

FOR /R "C:\Work\" %%G in (.) DO (
 Pushd %%G
 Echo now in %%G
 Popd )
Echo "back home"

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