Create a self extracting ZIP file archive. iexpress 2.0 must be run with elevated permissions.

      IEXPRESS [ /N [/Q] [/M] ] SED_filename
         [/O:Override_SED_filename, OverrideSectionName] [/D:directory]


  /N   Build package now (SED filename must be specified)
  /Q   Quiet mode when using /N
  /M   Use minimised windows when using /N
  /O   Specify overrideSED file and section
  /D   Override directory for exe stub

When running the created self extracting archive, the following options can be used:

  /Q            Quiet mode, No prompts and no errors.
  /QA           Quiet + Assume the person running the app is admin/SMS so do not check for admin rights or disk space.[Build 306]
  /QU           Quiet + Assume the person running the app is an non-admin user. [Build 306]
                No extract UI, but still get warnings on admin checks or disk space issues.
                Used when IExpress packages are shipped on CDs or installed through ActiveSetup.

  /T:Full_path  A Temporary working folder
  /C            Extract files only, when used with /T
  /C:cmd        Override the install command defined by the author.

  /R:N    Never restart the computer after installation.
  /R:A    Ask to restart the computer after installation.
  /R:S    Restart the computer after installation without prompting the user.

Running IExpress with no options will launch a GUI wizard.

Some options /QA and /QU are only available in Build 306.

The error message "Unable to open the report file..." typically means that iexpress needs to be elevated.

Early versions of iexpress were supplied with the Internet Explorer administration kit (IE 5 and IE 6).

The self extracting bundle created will be dependent on the source OS bitness (32 or 64 bit), so if you create a self-extracting archive of 64 bit programs, they won’t run (extract) on a 32 bit computer.


Create a zip archive:


Extract an archive, run any installation program specified and then prompt to reboot:

demo.exe /R:A

Extract package.exe and then run setup /s (which is embedded inside package.exe)

Package.exe /Q /C:"setup.exe /s"

Alternatively in build 306, the package.exe can be built with the install command predefined: (UserQuietInstCmd=Setup.exe /s) then launching becomes a simple:

Package.exe /QU

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