Display memory usage. Available only in 32 bit systems.

      MEM /C
      MEM /D
      MEM /P

   /P   List programs in memory
        with the memory address and size of each 

   /D   List Programs(as /P) and also Devices

   /C   List programs in conventional memory and
        list programs in upper memory

MEM will only display details about the current CMD shell environment, programs running in a separate shell (or WIN32 programs) will not be listed.

The output includes:

It won’t tell you anything useful about total memory usage.

“The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory” ~ Chinese proverb

Related commands

MSINFO32 - Windows System Information.
MDSCHED - Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler.
GUI Task Manager - for all program details including Win32 applications.
TLIST - Task List.
powershell: gcim Win32_PhysicalMemory / gcim Win32_ComputerSystem
Q126962 - How to increase desktop heap memory for non-interactive processes.
Memory Management.doc - Allocating and using memory in kernel-mode drivers ( 2005.
Equivalent bash command (Linux): free -t Display a summary of current memory usage and availability.

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