MOVEUSER.exe (Windows 2003 Resource Kit)

Move a local user account into a domain or move a user account between machines.

      MOVEUSER [DOMAIN/]user1 [DOMAIN/]user2 [/c:computer] [/k] [/y]


   user1   The existing user (who has a local profile)
           Specify domain users in 'DOMAIN/user' format
           or just 'user' for a local account. 

   user2   The user acount that will inherit the user1 profile.
           This account must already exist.
           Specify domain users in DOMAIN/user format
           specify only user for local accounts.

 /c:computer   The computer on which to make the changes. 

   /k      Keep user account user1 (only applies to local users) 

   /y      Overwrite an existing profile for user2.

To use MOVEUSER, you must be logged in with admin rights to create and modify user accounts on both the source and target machine.


MOVEUSER fred MyDomain\newfred

Or if the account 'fred' is on the remote PC called 'wks0123'

MOVEUSER fred MyDomain\newfred /c:\\wks0123 

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