The NET Command is used to manage File Shares, Printer Shares and sessions.

      NET VIEW [\\computername [/CACHE] | [/ALL] | /DOMAIN[:domainname]]

   /ALL            Display all the shares including the $ shares.
   /CACHE          Display the offline client cache settings for resources on the specified computer.
   computername    A computer whose shared resources you want to view. 
   domainname      The domain to view, by default all domains in the LAN.

Net View / ALL allows you to enumerate all the shares on a remote computer, similar to the old ShareUI utility.

An alternative way to list remote shares with PowerShell & WMI:

# List the non-admin$ ("Type=0") file shares on the remote server: SERVER64.
$shares = Get-CIMInstance –Classname Win32_Share -computername SERVER64 -filter "Type=0"
$shares | foreach {
"     Share Name   : $name
     Source Folder: $path
     Description  : $Description
     Caption : $Caption"


Display a list of computers in the current domain:

List the File/Printer shares on a remote computer:
NET VIEW \\ComputerName


List the shares on a remote computer including hidden shares:
NET VIEW \\ComputerName /All

List all the shares in the domain:

To see a list of shares on a different domain:
NET VIEW /DOMAIN:domainname

List the shares on a remote Netware computer:
NET VIEW /NETWORK:NW [\\ComputerName]

Display a list of local shares, the Share Name, full path to the resource being shared and any comment/remark:
NET SHARE sharename

Some NET commands will require elevation.

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Related commands:

NET.exe - Manage network resources.
NET USE - connect to a file share (Drive MAP).
Use NET VIEW against an IPv6 address - Raymond Chen.
Enable Admin Shares
OPENFILES - List or disconnect open files, local or remote (requires elevation).
PsFile - Show files opened remotely.
PsLoggedOn - Who's logged on.
Equivalent bash command (Linux): users - Users currently logged in, who currently logged in.

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