Verify the secure connection between a workstation and a domain controller.

      NETDOM VERIFY machine [/Domain:domain]
         [/UserO:user] [/PasswordO:[password | *]]


   machine     The name of the computer whose secure connection is to be verified.

   /Domain     The domain with which to verify the secure connection.

   /UserO      User account used to make the connection with the machine to be
verified. /PasswordO Password of the user account specified By /UserO. Specifying a * will prompt for the password. /SecurePasswordPrompt Use secure credentials popup to specify credentials. This option should be used when smartcard credentials need to be specified. This option is only in effect when the password value is supplied as *

Netdom options can be abbreviated to just the UPPER case letters, e.g. /PasswordO can be supplied as just /PO

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Related commands

NETDOM RESET - Reset the secure connection between a workstation and a DC.
PowerShell equivalent: Test-ComputerSecureChannel - Test and repair the secure channel to the domain.

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