Change directory back to the path/folder most recently stored by the PUSHD command.
POPD will also remove any temporary drive maps created by PUSHD


PUSHD and POPD operate on a stack or LIFO (last in, first out) principle and so can be used multiple times.


   C:\Program Files> PUSHD c:\utils
   C:\utils> PUSHD c:\Windows
   C:\Windows> POPD
   C:\utils> POPD
   C:\Program Files>


If the directory is successfully changed %ERRORLEVEL% = unchanged, typically this will be 0 but if a previous command set an errorlevel, that will be preserved (this is a bug).

If a bad switch is given %ERRORLEVEL% = 1

POPD is an internal command. If Command Extensions are disabled PUSHD and POPD will not create temporary drive letters.

"It's amazing how low you go to get high" - John Lennon


PUSHD - Change the current directory/folder and store the previous folder/path.
CD - Change Directory, select a Folder (and drive).
Powershell: Pop-Location - Set the current working location from the stack (popd).
Equivalent bash command (Linux): popd - Remove the top entry from the directory stack.

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