Print to file

Windows can be configured to print plain text directly to a specified file without prompting for a filename. This is done by adding a value to the Registry and configuring an additional printer port as follows:

1) Locate the following registry key in Regedit:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Ports

2. From the Edit menu, choose Add Value REG_SZ. In the Name field type a suitable path and filename (C:\docs\printout.txt). Leave the value blank.

3. Save your changes and exit Registry Editor.

4. Restart the computer.

5. Start Control Panel, Printers and select an existing printer connection, or add a new one.

6. Choose Printer Properties from the File menu. For best results configure the printer with the Generic/Text print driver.

7. Under Ports, select the filename specified in Step 2.

The file can appear without a file extension.
Before sending a second print job the file must be renamed or deleted.

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