PRNMNGR.vbs (Vista/Windows 8/Server 2012)

Add, delete and list printers and printer connections, can also display or set the default printer.

      cscript PRNMNGR.vbs [-options] [-s server][-p printer_name][-m driver model]
                  [-r port][-u user_name][-w password]

   -l   list printers

   -a   add local printer
   -ac  add printer connection

   -g   get the default printer
   -t   set the default printer
   -d   delete printer
   -x   delete all printers


  Set _scripts=cscript %Windir%\System32\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US

  :: add printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -a -p "printer" -m "driver" -r "lpt1:"
  :: delete printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -d -p "printer" -s server

  :: connect to printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -ac -p "\\server\printer"
  :: delete connection
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -d -p "\\server\printer"

  :: delete all printers
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -x -s server
  :: List all printers
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -l -s server

  :: List a specific printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -l |find "Printer name"

  :: get the DEFAULT printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -g
  :: Set the DEFAULT printer
  %_scripts%\prnmngr.vbs -t -p "\\server\printer"
Prnmngr.vbs is not be included in the Windows PATH but will be found at %Windir%\System32\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\prnmngr.vbs
If installed via the 2003 adminpack, it will be located in the \Program files\Windows Resource Kits\ folder.

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NET VIEW \\Printserver - to view a list of available printers.
NET PRINT - View and Delete print jobs.
PRNCNFG - Add, delete, or list printers / connections, set the default printer.
PRNDRVR - Add, delete or list printer drivers.
PRNJOBS - Pause, resume, cancel, or list print jobs.
PRNPORT - Create, delete, or list TCP/IP printer ports, change port configuration.
PRNQCTL - Print a test page, pause or resume a printer, clear a printer queue.
PRINT - Print a text file.
RUNDLL32 - Install/Remove Printers (plus advanced options).
WMIC PRINTER - Set printing options through WMI.
Q246868 - TCP/IP Printing options in the Windows Standard Port Monitor.
Add printer - .AddPrinterConnection
Add Network printer - .AddWindowsPrinterConnection
List printers - .EnumPrinterConnections
Set default printer - .SetDefaultPrinter
Equivalent bash command (Linux): lpc - Line printer control program.

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