PsService (SysInternals)

View and control services.

      psservice [\\computer [-u user] [-p passwd]] <command> <options>


   computer   The computer on which the service is running. Default=local system 

   -p passwd  Specify a password for user (optional). Passed as clear text.
              If omitted, you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.

   -u user    Specify a user name for login to remote computer(optional).

      query      Display the status of a service
      config     Display the configuration of a service
      setconfig  Set the start type (disabled, auto, demand) of a service.
      start      Start a service
      stop       Stop a service
      restart    Stop and then restart a service
      pause      Pause a service
      cont       Resume a paused service
      depend     List the services dependent on the one specified
      security   Dump the service's security descriptor
      find       Search the network for the specified service

   -accepteula Suppress the display of the license dialog.

Typing a command followed by "- " displays the syntax for that command.

Service States:

1 - Stopped
2 - Start Pending
3 - Stop Pending
4 - Running

When launched for the first time, PsService will create the regkey


Restart the spooler service on \\server64

C:\> psservice \\server64 restart spooler

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Related commands

NET START/STOP - Start/Stop services.
SC - Service control.
Equivalent PowerShell: Get-Service - Get a list of services.

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