Reset (delete) a Remote Desktop Session.

      RESET SESSION {SessionName | SessionID} [/server:ServerName] [/v]

   SessionName The name of the session that you want to reset.
               To determine the name, use query session

   SessionID   The ID of the session that you want to reset.

               The Remote Desktop Host server containing the session to be reset.
               The default is the current RD Session Host server

   /?          Display help.

Reset Session causes the device to close and then to reopen. Use reset session when the session malfunctions or when the session appears to be down. When you reset a session, the underlying hardware is reset and the drivers and data are reloaded and reinitialized.

Resetting a user's session without warning the user, can result in the loss of data at the session.

Only reset a session when it malfunctions or appears to have stopped responding.

You can always reset your own sessions, but you must have Full Control access permission to reset another user's session. Users can also reset sessions of other users who log on with the same name. This is by design in version 4.0 of Terminal Server. To avoid this, give users unique logon names or deny access to the RESET SESSION utility.

RESET SESSION is a synonym for AND replaces RWINSTA from Citrix Winframe. It resets the subsystem hardware and software of the session to known initial values.

Disconnecting a session will often, but not always, cause the session to logoff.
To force a logoff use the logoff command:

LOGOFF sessionId /server:serverName

RDP Permissions are set under:

Terminal Services Configuration ➞ Connections ➞ Properties ➞ Permissions ➞ Advanced ➞ Permissions


Reset the session designated rdp-tcp#6:

C:\> reset session rdp-tcp#6

Reset the session that uses session ID 3:

C:\> reset session 3

Reset the session ID 2 on remote server64:

C:\> reset session 2 /server:Server64

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