Script-it.exe (NT 4 Server)

Control GUI applications - feed values into dialogue boxes, press OK etc

      SCRIPTIT script_file

Script-It.exe is no longer available for download at

An alternative is the freeware tool AutoIt

Originally for NT4 Server, although it does run (rather crankily) on more recent OS's. Script-it works by recognising the Window Title of each open Application / Document / Dialogue box.

The script_file is a .ini text file prepared in advance with all the keystrokes you want to send to the appropriate Window.

Example Script file:
Untitled - Notepad=Hello World

This will launch an instance of Notepad and then send the string "Hello World", when notepad.exe is closed the script will run CALC.exe

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WshShell.SendKeys - Send Keystrokes with VBS/WSH.
CLIP - Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.
The freeware tool AutoIt is available from

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