ShellRunas (SysInternals)

Launch a program under a different user account (typically an Admin level account).

      shellrunas [/netonly] program arguments
      shellrunas /reg [/quiet]
      shellrunas /regnetonly [/quiet] 
      shellrunas unreg

   program     Run program with specified credentials and parameters

   /netonly    Use if specified credentials are for remote access only

   /reg        Register ShellRunas shell context-menu entry
   /regnetonly Register Shell /netonly context-menu entry
               Note: a command prompt will flash when the program starts
   /unreg      Unregister ShellRunas shell context-menu entry
   /quiet      Register or unregisters ShellRunas shell context-menu entry without result dialog


C:\> shellrunas photoshop.exe

"If NumLock is on, pressing a key on the numeric keypad while holding SHIFT overrides NumLock and instead generates an arrow key" ~ OldNewThing

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