How-to: Conditional Execution


if command1 succeeds then execute command2 (IF)

command1 && command2

Execute command1 and then execute command2 (AND)

command1 & command2

Execute command2 only if command1 fails (OR)

command1 || command2

Success is defined as returning an %ERRORLEVEL% = 0

Care must be taken in using this syntax to read and SET variables as by default variables are expanded one line at a time.


Show a message if a file copy succeeds:

   COPY H:\share\TNSnames.ora C:\Oracle\ && ECHO The Copy succeeded

Use conditional execution to test the success of several commands:

  Dir C:\Test1 && Dir C:\Test2 || Echo One or more of the commands failed.

Note that in the above example, if the first DIR fails then the second will not be run at all.

“Conditional cooperation is like adulterated cement which does not bind” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

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