Conditional Execution


if command1 succeeds then execute command2 (IF)

command1 && command2

Execute command1 and then execute command2 (AND)

command1 & command2

Execute command2 only if command1 fails (OR)

command1 || command2

Success is defined as returning an %ERRORLEVEL% = 0

Care must be taken in using this syntax to read and SET variables as by default variables are expanded one line at a time.


Show a message if a file copy succeeds:

   COPY H:\share\TNSnames.ora C:\Oracle\ && ECHO The Copy succeeded

Use parenthesis to test the success of several commands:

  (Dir C:\Test1 & Dir C:\Test2) || Echo One or more of the commands failed.

“Conditional cooperation is like adulterated cement which does not bind” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi


IF - Conditionally perform a command.
Command redirection

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