How-to: Generate any ASCII/Unicode character - GenChr.cmd

Generate the ASCII/Unicode character for any byte value.

The output is a file: bytevalue.chr

  :: This code creates one single byte. Parameter: 0-255
  :: Teamwork of carlos, penpen, aGerman, dbenham, bluesxman, sst
  :: Tested under Win2000, XP, Win7, Win8, Win10
  :: Fixed issue on environments with dbcs codepage

  @echo off
  setlocal enableextensions
  set "USAGE=echo:Usage: Supply an integer 0-255& goto :EOF"
  if "%~1" equ "" %USAGE%
  set /a "val=%~1" 2>nul
  if "%~1" neq "%val%" %USAGE%
  if %~1 lss 0    %USAGE%
  if %~1 gtr 255  %USAGE%

  for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('chcp') do for %%b in (%%a) do set "cp=%%~nb"
  set "options=/d compress=off /d reserveperdatablocksize=26"
  set "cmd=cmd /d /c"
  mode con cp select=437 >nul
  if %~1 neq 26  (type nul >%~1.tmp
  makecab %options% /d reserveperfoldersize=%~1 %~1.tmp %~1.chr >nul
  type %~1.chr | (
  (for /l %%N in (1 1 38) do pause)>nul&findstr "^">%~1.tmp)
  >nul %cmd% copy /y %~1.tmp /a %~1.chr /b
  del %~1.tmp
  ) else (%cmd% copy /y nul + nul /a 26.chr /a >nul)
  mode con cp select=%cp% >nul

Written via the teamwork of carlos, penpen, aGerman, dbenham, bluesxman & sst- see forum thread


Create the 0 or NUL character (file 0.chr)
genchr.cmd 0

Create the 9 or tab character. (file 9.chr)
genchr.cmd 9

Create all 256 characters/files:
for /l %a in (0,1,255) do start "" cmd /c genchr %a

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends” ~ Japanese Proverb

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