How-to: Quickly open control panel applets with ms-settings

These URI’s can be used in the Start ➞ Run box, in the Windows Explorer address bar, in a Shortcut
or from the command line: START ms-settings:settingName or in PowerShell Start-Process ms-settings:settingName

Settings page Uri / Setting Name Category
Edge web browser microsoft-edge:url Apps
Home page for Settings ms-settings: Windows
About (device name/specification) ms-settings:about Windows
Activation ms-settings:activation Security
Apps & features ms-settings:appsfeatures Apps
Apps for websites ms-settings:appsforwebsites Apps
App volume and device preferences (1903) ms-settings:apps-volume Audio
Set up a kiosk ms-settings:assignedaccess Security
AutoPlay ms-settings:autoplay Apps
Backup ms-settings:backup Storage
Battery Saver ms-settings:batterysaver Power
Battery Saver - settings ms-settings:batterysaver-settings Power
Battery Saver - usage ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetails Power
Bluetooth & Connected Devices ms-settings:bluetooth Network
Clipboard ms-settings:clipboard Apps
Connect to a wireless display ms-settings-connectabledevices:devicediscovery Display
Bluetooth & Connected Devices ms-settings:connecteddevices Network
Cortana ms-settings:cortana Search
Cortana permissions ms-settings:cortana-permissions Search
Cortana more details ms-settings:cortana-moredetails Search
Windows Search ms-settings:cortana-windowssearch Search
Shared experiences ms-settings:crossdevice Network
Data Sense ms-settings:datausage Storage
Date & Time ms-settings:dateandtime Region & Language
Default apps ms-settings:defaultapps Apps
Delivery Optimization ms-settings:delivery-optimization Windows
For developers ms-settings:developers Apps
Device Encryption (where available) ms-settings:deviceencryption Security
Touchpad ms-settings:devices-touchpad Devices
Display ms-settings:display Display
Graphics Advanced scaling settings ms-settings:display-advanced Display
Graphics performance preference ms-settings:display-advancedgraphics Display
Ease of Access Audio (build 17035+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-audio Accessibility
Closed Captioning ms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioning Accessibility
Color Filters (build 17025+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter Accessibility
Adaptive Color Filters Link ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter-adaptivecolorlink Accessibility
Text Cursor ms-settings:easeofaccess-cursor Accessibility
Mouse Pointer (Cursor & pointer, build 17040+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-cursorandpointersize Accessibility
Display Text scaling (build 17025+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-display Accessibility
Eye Control (build 17035+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-eyecontrol Accessibility
High Contrast ms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrast Accessibility
Keyboard ms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboard Devices
Magnifier ms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifier Accessibility
Mouse ms-settings:easeofaccess-mouse Accessibility
Mouse Pointer (Cursor & pointer, build 17040+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-mousepointer Accessibility
Narrator ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator Audio
Start Narrator after sign-in ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator-isautostartenabled Audio
Other options ms-settings:easeofaccess-otheroptions Accessibility
Speech recognition (build 17035+) ms-settings:easeofaccess-speechrecognition Accessibility
Email & app accounts ms-settings:emailandaccounts Security
Family & other users ms-settings:family-group Security
Find My Device ms-settings:findmydevice Security
Fonts (build 17083+) ms-settings:fonts Customisation
Lock screen ms-settings:lockscreen Security
Offline Maps ms-settings:maps Apps
Download maps ms-settings:maps-downloadmaps Apps
Mouse & Touchpad Devices ms-settings:mousetouchpad Devices
Multitasking ms-settings:multitasking Display
Network & Internet ms-settings:network Network
Airplane mode (wireless/bluetooth) ms-settings:network-airplanemode Network
Cellular Network ms-settings:network-cellular Network
Dial-up Network ms-settings:network-dialup Network
DirectAccess ms-settings:network-directaccess Network
Ethernet Network ms-settings:network-ethernet Network
Mobile Hotspot ms-settings:network-mobilehotspot Network
Proxy (Network) ms-settings:network-proxy Network
Network Status ms-settings:network-status Network
VPN ms-settings:network-vpn Network
Wi-Fi ms-settings:network-wifi Network
Manage known Wi-Fi ms-settings:network-wifisettings Network
Night light settings ms-settings:nightlight Customisation
Notifications and Actions ms-settings:notifications Customisation
Optional features ms-settings:optionalfeatures Apps
Family & other users ms-settings:otherusers Security
Personalization ms-settings:personalization Customisation
Backgrounds ms-settings:personalization-background Customisation
Colors ms-settings:personalization-colors
Start Menu ms-settings:personalization-start Customisation
Start Menu (choose which folders appear) ms-settings:personalization-start-places Customisation
Power & Sleep ms-settings:powersleep Power
Printers ms-settings:printers Devices
Privacy ms-settings:privacy Privacy
Account info (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-accountinfo Privacy
Activity history (build 17040+) ms-settings:privacy-activityhistory Privacy
App diagnostics (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-appdiagnostics Privacy
Automatic online file downloads ms-settings:privacy-automaticfiledownloads Apps
Background apps ms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps Apps
File System (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-broadfilesystemaccess Privacy
Calendar (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-calendar Privacy
Call history (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-callhistory Privacy
Contacts (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-contacts Privacy
Unpaired devices (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-customdevices Privacy
Document Library (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-documents Privacy
Email (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-email Privacy
Eye tracker (requires eyetracker hardware) ms-settings:privacy-eyetracker Privacy
Feedback & diagnostics (privacy) ms-settings:privacy-feedback Security
Send Diagnostic Data to Microsoft ms-settings:privacy-feedback-telemetryviewergroup Privacy
Location (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-location Privacy
Messaging (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-messaging Privacy
Microphone (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-microphone Privacy
Motion (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-motion Privacy
Notifications (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-notifications Privacy
Picture Library (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-pictures Privacy
Radio (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-radios Privacy
Online Speech recognition ms-settings:privacy-speech Privacy
Remember typing patterns ms-settings:privacy-speechtyping Privacy
Tasks (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-tasks Privacy
Video Library (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-videos Privacy
Voice activation (apps can listen) ms-settings:privacy-voiceactivation Privacy
Webcam (share between apps) ms-settings:privacy-webcam Privacy
Projecting to this PC ms-settings:project Display
Airplane mode (wireless/bluetooth) ms-settings:proximity Network
Focus assist (build 17074+) ms-settings:quiethours
OR ms-settings:quietmomentshome
Recovery - Reset/Advanced startup ms-settings:recovery Windows
Region ms-settings:regionformatting Region & Language
Region & language ms-settings:regionlanguage Region & Language
Remote Desktop ms-settings:remotedesktop Network
Default Save Locations ms-settings:savelocations Storage
Display Screen rotation ms-settings:screenrotation Display
Search details ms-settings:search-moredetails Search
Search Permissions & search history ms-settings:search-permissions Search
options ms-settings:signinoptions Security
Dynamic Lock ms-settings:signinoptions-dynamiclock Security
Windows Hello face setup ms-settings:signinoptions-launchfaceenrollment Security
Windows Hello fingerprint setup ms-settings:signinoptions-launchfingerprintenrollment Security
Security Key setup ms-settings:signinoptions-launchsecuritykeyenrollment Security
Sound (build 17063+) ms-settings:sound Audio
Manage sound devices (disable/test) ms-settings:sound-devices Audio
Speech ms-settings:speech Audio
Startup (build 17017+) ms-settings:startupapps Customisation
Storage Sense configuration ms-settings:storagepolicies Storage
Storage Sense ms-settings:storagesense Storage
Sync your settings ms-settings:sync Network
Tablet mode ms-settings:tabletmode Customisation
Taskbar ms-settings:taskbar Apps
Themes ms-settings:themes Customisation
Troubleshoot - Fix Windows Update ms-settings:troubleshoot Windows
Typing ms-settings:typing Accessibility
USB ms-settings:usb Devices
Video playback (build 16215+) ms-settings:videoplayback Display
Windows Security (Defender) ms-settings:windowsdefender Security
Windows Insider Program (beta’s) ms-settings:windowsinsider Windows
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate Security
WinUpdate - Check for updates ms-settings:windowsupdate-action Security
WinUpdate - Active Hours ms-settings:windowsupdate-activehours Security
WinUpdate - Update history ms-settings:windowsupdate-history Security
WinUpdate - Optional updates ms-settings:windowsupdate-optionalupdates Security
WinUpdate - Advanced options ms-settings:windowsupdate-options Security
WinUpdate - Restart options ms-settings:windowsupdate-restartoptions Security
Access work or school ms-settings:workplace Network
Your info (Microsoft account) ms-settings:yourinfo Security
Software Center (SCCM) softwarecenter: Apps
Windows Security at a glance windowsdefender: Security

To create a desktop shortcut to any Windows settings page:
Right-click an empty section of the desktop and select New ➞ Shortcut
In the empty text field, copy and paste the URI from the list above.

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