How-to: Extract part of a variable (substring)

It is possible to retrieve specific characters from a string variable.


This can include negative numbers:

      %variable:~num_chars_to_skip, -num_chars_to_keep%

A negative number will count backwards from the end of the string.


The variable _test is used for all the following examples:

SET _test=123456789abcdef0

::Extract only the first 5 characters

 SET _result=%_test:~0,5%
 ECHO %_result%          =12345

::Skip 7 characters and then extract the next 5

 SET _result=%_test:~7,5%
 ECHO %_result%          =89abc

::Skip 7 characters and then extract everything else

 SET _result=%_test:~7%
 ECHO %_result%          =89abcdef0

::Extract only the last 7 characters

 SET _result=%_test:~-7%
 ECHO %_result%          =abcdef0

::Extract everything BUT the last 7 characters

 SET _result=%_test:~0,-7%
 ECHO %_result%          =123456789

::Extract between 7 from the front and 5 from the end

 SET _result=%_test:~7,-5%
 ECHO %_result%          =89ab

::Go back 7 from the end then extract 5 towards the end

 SET _result=%_test:~-7,5%
 ECHO %_result%          =abcde

::Extract between 7 from the end and 5 from the end

   SET _result=%_test:~-7,-5%
   ECHO %_result%        =ab

This variable substring syntax only works for CMD environment variables, like %MYVAR%, it will not work with FOR parameter variables, like %%G, however a simple workaround is to set a variable first: Set %MYVAR%=%%G and then find the substring of the new variable.

To discover if a given variable contains a given string: use the syntax above to remove the _SearchString and compare the result with the original variable before removal. If both strings are the same, then_SearchString was not found:

 IF /i "%_variable:_SearchString=%"=="%_variable%" (Echo String not found.) ELSE (Echo String found.) 

To match an exact word, pad the search string with spaces: " John " instead of "John" will avoid a match with "Johnstone"

Advanced Usage of :~

You can use the :~ syntax and provide each of the parameters from other variables, for example if you have


To extract digit # 4 from _donor you might try

 SET _substring=%_donor:~%_digit%,1%

Unfortunately this will not work because the :~ syntax expects a value not a variable. To get around this use the CALL command like this:

SET _startchar=2
SET _length=1
SET _donor=884777
CALL SET _substring=%%_donor:~%_startchar%,%_length%%%
ECHO (%_substring%) 

:: Credits:
:: Clay Calvert - alt.msdos.batch.nt
:: Ritchie Lawrence - alt.msdos.batch.nt

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