Windows CMD Shell Command Line Syntax

   Parameters    Command Line Arguments  %1  %~f1
   Env. Variables Create/read environment variables.
   Redirection   Spooling output to a file, piping input.
   AND/OR Logic  Conditional Execution (If-Then-Else)
   Loops         Loops and Subroutines.
   functions     How to package blocks of code.
   Macros        Embed blocks of code in a variable.
servicesServices      List of Windows 7 (SP1) Services.

Evaluate expressions

   Using brackets to Group and expand expressions.
   Delayed Expansion Variables within loops.
   Escape chars, delimiters and quotes
   SET /A        Environment variable arithmetic.
   VarSubstring  Extract part of a variable (substring).
   VarSearch     Search & replace part of a variable.
   RANDOM        Random Numbers.
   Wildcards     Match multiple files.

Shortcut Keys

   Keyboard       CMD Keyboard shortcuts.
   RUN commands   Start | Run commands.
   MMC Snap-ins   Admin commands.
   ms-settings    Shortcuts to settings
   Shell: folder  Shortcuts to key folders.
   ProfileFolders User profile folders: Start Menu, Roaming etc.
   Windows Key    Windows Key Shortcuts

Example Batch Files and functions

   Run a script  How to create and run a batch file.
   Banner        Display a string of text in extra large letters.
   Elevate       Run with elevated permissions (As Admin).
   DateMath      Add or subtract days from any date.
   DeQuote       Remove quotes from a string.
   DelOlder      Delete files more than n days old.
   GenChr.cmd    Generate an ASCII/Unicode character.
   GetDate.cmd   Get todays date (any region, any OS.)
   GetTime.cmd   Get the time now.
   GetGMT.cmd    Time adjusted to Greenwich Mean Time.
   StampMe.cmd   Rename a file with the date/time.
   StrLen        Calculate the length of a string.
   tdiff.cmd     Time difference in Hours/Minutes.
   timer.cmd     Measure the run time of a script.
   Which.cmd     Display full path to any command.
   xlong.cmd     Find filenames that exceed the 256 char pathname limit.

Reference/How to

   Autoexec       Run commands at startup.
   CMD Shell      Working in the Windows CMD shell.
   CMD Internal   Commands that are Internal to the CMD shell.
   Compatibility  Backwards compatibility - runas admin / color
   Slow Browsing  Speed up network browsing.
   LAN Mgr auth   NTLM authentication.
   Long Filenames NTFS filename issues.
   Display DPI    Monitor size settings.
   File Shares    Organising shared files.
   NoDrives       Hide mapped drives from Windows Explorer.
   % vs %%        Why you need to double the %'s in a batch file.
   Printing       Printer connections and print drivers.
   Recovery       The Recovery Console.
   Reg Tweaks     Registry tweaks and settings.
   BuiltIn Groups Built-In Users and Security Groups.
   Groups         Local Domain groups, Global and Universal groups.
   64Bit          Detect 64 bit vs 32 bit Windows.

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