Windows CMD Shell How-to guides and examples

   Parameters    Command Line Arguments  %1  %~f1
   Env. Variables Documented (standard) and undocumented environment variables.
   Redirection   Spooling output to a file, piping input.
   AND/OR Logic  Conditional Execution (If-Then-Else)
   Loops         Loops and Subroutines.
   functions     How to package blocks of code.
   Macros        Embed blocks of code in a variable.
servicesServices      List of Windows 10 Services (1903).

Evaluate expressions

   Using brackets to Group and expand expressions.
   Delayed Expansion Variables within loops.
   Escape chars, delimiters and quotes
   SET /A        Environment variable arithmetic.
   VarSubstring  Extract part of a variable (substring).
   VarSearch     Search & replace part of a variable.
   RANDOM        Random Numbers.
   Wildcards     Match multiple files.

Shortcut Keys

   Keyboard shortcuts For CMD, PowerShell and Windows.
   RUN commands   Start | Run commands.
   MMC Snap-ins   Admin commands.
   ms-settings    Shortcuts to settings.
   Shell: folder  Shortcuts to key folders.
   ProfileFolders User profile folders: Start Menu, Roaming etc.

Example Batch Files and functions

   Run a script  How to create and run a batch file.
   Banner        Display a string of text in extra large letters.
   Elevate       Run with elevated permissions (As Admin).
   DateMath      Add or subtract days from any date.
   DeQuote       Remove quotes from a string.
   DelOlder      Delete files more than n days old.
   GenChr.cmd    Generate an ASCII/Unicode character.
   GetDate.cmd   Get todays date (any region, any OS.)
   GetTime.cmd   Get the time now.
   GetGMT.cmd    Time adjusted to Greenwich Mean Time.
   StampMe.cmd   Rename a file with the date/time.
   StrLen        Calculate the length of a string.
   tdiff.cmd     Calculate the difference in Hours/Mins between two time values.
   timer.cmd     Measure the run time of a script.
   Which.cmd     Display full path to any command.
   xlong.cmd     Find filenames that exceed the 256 char pathname limit.

Reference/How to

   Autoexec       Run commands at startup.
   CMD Shell      Working in the Windows CMD shell.
   CMD Internal   Commands that are Internal to the CMD shell.
   Compatibility  Backwards compatibility - runas admin / color
   Errorlevel     CMD's handing of Exit codes and the %ERRORLEVEL% variable.
   Slow Browsing  Speed up network browsing.
   LAN Mgr auth   NTLM authentication.
   Logon Types    Windows Logon types.
   Long Filenames NTFS long filename issues (>256 chars).
   Display DPI    Monitor size settings.
   Share modes    An explanation of File sharing modes.
   File Shares    Organising shared files.
   NoDrives       Hide mapped drives from Windows Explorer.
   % vs %%        Why you need to double the %'s in a batch file.
   Printing       Printer connections and print drivers.
   Recovery       The Recovery Console.
   Reg Tweaks     Registry tweaks and settings.
   BuiltIn Groups Built-In Users and Security Groups.
   Groups         Local Domain groups, Global and Universal groups.
   64Bit          Detect 64 bit vs 32 bit Windows.


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