Change the title displayed above the CMD window.

      TITLE [string]

   string   The title for the command prompt window, up to 243 characters.

The TITLE command is typically used in a batch file to give the script window a meaningful name.

The default title for the CMD shell is %comspec% however, since the title can be re-defined in a program shortcut, the title is typically set to "Command Prompt".

In a batch file, you can set the title to match the name of the batch file with:
TITLE %~nx0

The START command, used to start a program in a separate window also has an option to specify a title for the new Window.

If you call a batch script in a new CMD session, then any TITLE set within the batch file will revert when the second CMD session ends.

  TITLE Some initial title text
  CMD /c MyBatchFile.cmd

TITLE is an internal command.

"The longer the title, the less important the job" - George McGovern.

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