Change the title text displayed across the top of the CMD terminal window.

      TITLE [string]

   string   The title for the command prompt window, up to 243 characters.

The TITLE command is typically used in a batch file to give the script window a meaningful name.

The default title for the CMD shell is %comspec% however, since the title can be re-defined in a program shortcut, the title is typically set to "Command Prompt".

If you start a second CMD shell, or PowerShell, this will be added to the Title, when you EXIT back to the initial shell, the Title will also revert making it possible to track how many nested shells you have open.

The START command, used to start a program in a separate window also has an option to specify a title for the new Window.

If you call a batch script in a new CMD session, then any TITLE set within the batch file will revert when the second CMD session ends.

  TITLE Some initial title text
  CMD /c MyBatchFile.cmd

TITLE is an internal command.


Set a title for the current session:

C:\> title Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more

Set the default %comspec% title:

C:\> title %comspec%

In a batch file, set the title to match the name of the batch file with:

@Echo off
TITLE %~nx0

“The longer the title, the less important the job” ~ George McGovern.

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