Disconnect a Remote Desktop Session.

      tsdiscon [SessionID | SessionName] [/server:ServerName] [/v]

   SessionId    The ID of the session to disconnect.

   SessionName  The name of the session to disconnect.

   ServerName   The terminal server containING the session to disconnect.
                Default=the current RD Session Host server.

   /v           Display verbose information.

   /?           Display help at the command prompt.

You must have Full Control permission or Disconnect special access permission to disconnect another user from a session.

If no session ID or session name is specified, tsdiscon disconnects the current session. Any applications that were running when you disconnected the session are automatically running when you reconnect to that session with no loss of data.

Use reset session to end the running applications of the disconnected session, but be aware that this might result in loss of data at the session. The /server parameter is required only if you use tsdiscon from a remote server. The console session cannot be disconnected.


Disconnect the current session:

C:\> tsdiscon

Disconnect session 10:

C:\> tsdiscon 10

Disconnect the session named TERM64:

C:\> tsdiscon TERM64

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