Write performance data to the command window or to a log file. To stop Typeperf, press CTRL+C.

      typeperf counter [counter ...] [options]

      typeperf -cf filename  [options]

      typeperf -q [object] [options]

      typeperf -qx [object] [options]

   counter              The Performance counters to monitor.
   -f {CSV|TSV|BIN|SQL} Output file format. Default is CSV.
   -cf filename         File containing performance counters to monitor, one per line.
   -si [[hh:]mm:]ss     Time between samples. Default is 1 second.
   -o filename          Path of output file or SQL database.
                        Default is STDOUT.
   -q [object]          List installed counters (no instances).
                        To list counters for one object, 
                        include the object name, such as Processor.
   -qx [object]         List installed counters with instances.
                        To list counters for one object, 
                        include the object name, such as Processor.
   -sc samples          Number of samples to collect. Default is
                        to sample until CTRL+C.
   -config filename     Settings file containing command options.
   -s computer_name     Server to monitor if no server is specified in the counter path.
   -y                   Answer yes to all questions without prompting.
   -?                   Display context sensitive help.

Counter is the full name of a performance counter in the format:"\\Computer\Object(Instance)\Counter"
e.g. "\\Server1\Processor(0)\% User Time".


Display % Processor time until interrupted:

C:\> typeperf "\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"

Gather 600 samples of % Processor time on the local computer (this will take 10 minutes):

C:\> typeperf "\processor(_Total)\% Processor Time" -O C:\SS64demo1.csv -SC 600

Gather samples of all the counters listed in counters.txt :

C:\> typeperf -cf counters.txt -si 5 -sc 50 -o C:\SS64demo2.csv

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Related commands

LOGMAN - Manage Performance Monitor.
Equivalent PowerShell: New-Object System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter.
Equivalent PowerShell: Get-CIMinstance Win32_Process -Filter "Name='System idle process'" | Format-List Name, KernelModeTime

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