To check that files are saved to disk correctly; the system can re-read the disk after saving to verify that the file is readable.

      VERIFY [ON | OFF]

By default the CMD shell has verify OFF

Verify checks that the destination file, once written, can be read. No comparison with the source the files occurs.

Copying files with verify OFF can be significantly faster, up to twice as fast.

VERIFY without a parameter will display the current setting.


Valid or no parameters given %ERRORLEVEL% = 0
Bad parameters given %ERRORLEVEL% = 1

VERIFY is an internal command.


Turn verify on:

C:\> verify on

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Related commands

COPY /V - Copy and Verify.
MOVE - Move files from one folder to another.
EXIT - Quit the current script/routine, optionally setting an errorlevel.
Q126457 - VERIFY ON, COPY /V, XCOPY /V commands do not compare data.
Equivalent bash command (Linux): cksum - Print CRC checksum and byte counts.

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