Windows Event Collector Utility.
Create and manage subscriptions to events forwarded from remote event sources that support WS-Management protocol.

      wecutil command [Argument [Argument] ...] [/Option:VALUE [/Option:VALUE] ...]

   List all existent remote event subscriptions:
   es (enum-subscription)

   Get subscription configuration:
   gs (get-subscription) SUBSCRIPTION_ID [/Option:VALUE [/Option:VALUE] ...]
        VALUE can be XML or Terse name-value pairs(default). 

       Display output in unicode (UTF-16).
       VALUE can be true or false. If VALUE is true then output is in Unicode.

   Get subscription runtime status:
   gr (get-subscriptionruntimestatus)  SUBSCRIPTION_ID [EVENT_SOURCE [EVENT_SOURCE] ...]
       where EVENT_SOURCE identifies a machine serving as a source of events

   Set subscription configuration: 
   ss (set-subscription) SUBSCRIPTION_ID [/Option:VALUE [/Option:VALUE] ...]

   ss (set-subscription) /c:CONFIG_FILE [/cus:Username [/cup:Password] ...]
   Create new subscription:
   cs (create-subscription) CONFIGURATION_FILE [/Option:VALUE [/Option:VALUE] ...]

   Delete subscription:
   ds (delete-subscription) SUBSCRIPTION_ID
   Retry subscription:
   rs (retry-subscription) SUBSCRIPTION_ID [EVENT_SOURCE [EVENT_SOURCE] ...]
   Configure Windows Event Collector service:
   qc (quick-config)  /quiet:{true|false}                

   /help | ?  Help for the wecutil program.

For a full list of subscriptions/options for specific commands:
   wecutil COMMAND -?

You can use either the short or long (shown in parentheses) version of each command name.


Display configuration information for a subscription named sub1:

C:\> wecutil gs sub1

Display the runtime status of a subscription named sub1:

C:\> wecutil gr sub1

Create a subscription to forward events using an XML configuration file:

C:\> wecutil cs subscription.xml

Delete a subscription named sub1:

C:\> wecutil ds sub1

“The two offices of memory are collection and distribution” ~ Samuel Johnson

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