WINGET (currently in preview, due May 2021)

Discover, install, upgrade, remove and configure applications on Windows 10 computers.
This tool is the client interface to the Windows Package Manager service.

      WINGET exe [command] [options]


   hash      Generate a SHA256 hash for the installer.

   help      Display help for the winget tool commands.

   install   Install the specified application.

   search    Search for an application.

   show      Display details for the specified application.

   source    Add, remove, or update the Windows Package Manager repositories accessed by the winget tool.

   validate  Validate a manifest file for submission to the Windows Package Manager repository.

   -v, --version   Return the current version of winget.
       --info      Detailed information including links to the license and privacy statement.
   -?, --help      Get additional help on winget.

When scripted, winget will launch the applications in the specified order. When an installer returns success or failure, winget will launch the next installer. If an installer launches another process, it is possible that it will return to winget prematurely. This will cause winget to install the next installer before the previous installer has completed.


Search for software:
C:\> winget search powertoys

Install software:
C:\> winget install Microsoft.Powertoys

C:\> winget install Microsoft.WindowsTerminal

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