WINRM enumerate

List instances of RESOURCE_URI, the instances returned can be limited using a filter and dialect (if supported by the resource).

      winrm enum[erate] RESOURCE_URI [-ReturnType:Value] [-Shallow]
[-BasePropertiesOnly] [-SWITCH:VALUE [-SWITCH:VALUE] ...] Key -ReturnType An optional switch that determines the type of data returned. Possible options are 'Object', 'EPR' and 'ObjectAndEPR'. Default is Object If Object is specified or if switch is omitted, then only the objects are returned. If EPR is specified, then only the EPRs (End point reference) of the objects are returned. EPRs contain information about the resource URI and selectors for the instance. If ObjectAndEPR is specified, then both the object and the associated EPRs are returned. -Shallow Enumerate only instances of the base class specified in the resource URI. If this flag is not specified, instances of the base class specified in the resource URI and all its derived classes are returned. - BasePropertiesOnly Include only those properties that are part of the base class specified in the resource URI. When -Shallow is specified, this flag has no effect.


winrm enum winrm/config/resource
winrm enum winrm/config/listener
winrm enum winrm/config/plugin
winrm enum wmicimv2/Win32_Service
winrm enum shell/cmd
winrm enum winrm/config/service/certmapping
winrm enum winrm/config/winrs/customremoteshell

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