WMIC Stylesheets

The compilation of Cli.mof, Cliegaliases.mod, and Clialiases.mfl files creates the \\root\cli name space and populates it with aliases.

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) output is formatted using default style sheets as specified in Xsl-mappings.xml, while other formats can be explicitly specified using /FORMAT: stylesheet_name

Files and applications included with WMIC:

File Description
Cli.mof Schema
Cliegaliases.mfl Localization schema
Cliegaliases.mof Aliases
Csv.xsl Style sheet for comma-separated value format
Hform.xsl Style sheet for HTML value list format
htable-sortby.xsl Style sheet for HTML table including sortby
Htable.xsl Style sheet for HTML table format
Mof.xsl Style sheet for MOF format
Rawxml.xsl Style sheet for raw XML format
Texttable.xsl Style sheet for table format
Texttablewsys.xsl Optional style sheet for table format
Textvaluelist.xsl Style sheet for value list format
Wmic.chm Windows Help
Wmic.exe Engine-parser
Wmiclimofformat.xsl Default MOF format
Wmiclitableformat.xsl Default table format
Wmiclitableformatnosys.xsl Optional table format
Wmiclivalueformat.xsl Default value list format
Wml.xsl Default XML format
Wsl-mappings.xml Default style sheet table

The WMI Command component can only be used by local system administrators, regardless of WMI name space permissions on the local computer.

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