Windows Performance Recorder

Record system events for analysis with Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)
WPR is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 10

      WPR options...

   -cancel        - Cancel recording initiated via WPR (if any).
   -help          - Provide command line help information.
   -log {enabled|disabled|remove} - Configure debug logging to the event log.

   -marker scenario_name     - Fire an event marker.
   -markerflush scenario_name  - Fire an event marker and flush the working set.

   -profiles      - Enumerate the profile names and descriptions from a profile file.
   -purgecache    - Purges the dynamic symbols cache.
   -profiledetails profile1+profile2..+profilen [-filemode] -onoffscenario OnOff Transition Type
                    Display the detailed information about a set of profiles.
                    The naming convention of the profiles is exactly the same as used
                    in wpr -start, a profile is specified as  profile_name[.{light|verbose}].

   -providers     - Display detailed information about providers.

   -status        - Display status on active recording (if any).
   -start options - Start one or more profiles.
   -stop [recording_filename] [problem_description]
                  - Stop recording initiated via WPR (if any) and save.

   -enablePeriodicSnapshot   Enable Periodic Snapshot for the specified interval and process_id.
   -disablePeriodicSnapshot  Disable Periodic Snapshot for all process.
   -singlesnapshot  Get an on-demand Snapshot for the specified process.

   -disablepagingexecutive {on|off} - Change the Disable Paging Executive settings.
   -heaptracingconfig process_name [Package_full_name Package_relative_app_ID] [{enable|disable}]
                  - Change heap tracing settings for a process.
                    If the {enable|disable} parameter is omitted the current heap tracing
                    configuration for the process or app will be displayed.

   -capturestateondemand   - Capture states for the configured providers in the current recording.
   -pmcsources    - Query the list of hardware counters available on the system.
   -setprofint    - Set the sampled profile interval to n  [1221...10000000].
                    [Default: n = 10000 (1msec)]

   -profint       - Query the current profile interval.
   -resetprofint  - Restore the default profile interval values.

 start options:
   -start [filename.wprp!] profile [-start profile...]
      [-filemode] [-recordtempto temp_folder_path] [-onoffscenario OnOff_Transition_Type]
         [-onoffresultspath  path_to_which_the_trace_files_are_saved]
            [-onoffproblemdescription description_of_the_scenario]
               [-onoffpretracecommand command_to_run_synchronously_each_iteration_before_tracing_starts]
                  [-onoffposttracecommand command_to_run_asynchronously_after_all_the_iterations_complete_or_fail]
                     [-numiterations number_of_iterations_for_OnOff_tracing]

      -start [filename.wprp!] profile is either a built-in profile (if no filename is specified) or a path to
                      (and name of) a user-defined custom profile.
                       The user can specify up to 64 profiles on the command line.  Each profile is specified as:
           profile := [filename.wprp!]profile_name[.{light|verbose}]
                       Each profile can define both light and verbose variants or just one of the two.
                       If neither option is specified, the verbose variant is used unless the profile has only a light variant.

      -filemode        Specifies that recording is done in file mode, the default is memory mode.
      -onoffscenario   Specifies one of the on/off transition types: Boot, FastStartup, Shutdown, RebootCycle, Standby, or Hibernate.
      -numiterations   Set the number of iterations for OnOff recording.

      By default the settings from the built-in or custom profile file are used.

WPR must be run elevated.


List the available/built in profiles:

C:\> wpr.exe -profiles

Record some registry events to c:\logs\registry

C:\demo> md logs & cd logs
C:\demo\logs\> wpr.exe -start registry
C:\demo\logs\> wpr.exe -stop registry

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