Microsoft Office Templates

Word and Excel templates:

Project Plan Gantt - Simple project planning in Excel with an automatic Gantt Chart, requires the Analysis ToolPak Add-in.

Calendar.xlsx - Jan-Dec Perpetual Excel Calendar (.xls version)

CalendarFY.xlsx - April-March Perpetual Excel Calendar (.xls version) - Word Calendar (VBA macros.)

Shifts.xls - Work out shift patterns for groups of staff.
This demonstrates the use of fractions to display part of an hour e.g. 4 1/2 hours.

Apportionment.xls - Budget Allocation - Although mostly known to accountants, this technique can be useful anywhere you need to parcel out new resources in proportion to the existing allocation, e.g. disk quotas.

Benfords Law.xls - Spot fradulent transactions in data, simple example of Benford's Law - Excel Charting - add new rows of data and the chart will automatically update. - Number paragraphs like 1.5.1 – 1.5.2 – 1.6.0

Lottery.xls - Excel Lottery Game - Run the macro and watch the numbers spin. (VBA macros)

Some of the files above include VBA macros - you may have to allow these to run under Macro Security settings.


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