RMAN RecordSpec

Subclause to specify which backups or copies the CHANGE, CROSSCHECK, DELETE, and LIST commands should process.


   ARCHIVELOG 'filename' [,…] primary_key [,…]

   BACKUPSET primary_key [,…]

   [BACKUPPIECE | PROXY ] primary_key [, …] 
       'media_handle' [,…] TAG ['] tag_name [']

   [CONTROLFILECOPY | DATAFILECOPY ] 'filename' [,…] primary_key [,…]



   ARCHIVELOG      An archived redo log by either primary key or filename.

   BACKUPSET       A backup set by primary key.

   BACKUPPIECE     A backup piece by media handle, primary key, or tag name.

   PROXY           A proxy copy by media handle, primary key, or tag name.

   CONTROLFILECOPY A control file copy by primary key, filename pattern ('filename'),
                   or TAG tag_name. If you crosscheck a control file copy, then you must
                   specify a filename rather than a primary key.

   DATAFILECOPY    A datafile copy by primary key, filename pattern ('filename'),
                   tag (TAG tag_name), or matching string (LIKE 'string_pattern').
                   Specify ALL to indicate all datafile copies recorded in the RMAN repository.

   NODUPLICATES    Only one copy of the control file or datafile copy specified by
                   the rest of the clause should be the target of the operation,
                   even when there are multiple copies.

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Related Oracle Commands:

CHANGE - Update the status of a backup in the RMAN repository.
CROSSCHECK - Check whether backup items still exist.
DELETE - Delete backups from disk or tape
LIST - List RMAN backups and copies

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