Specify text, alignment, format and wrapping for a given column, for the duration of the current session.


   COL[UMN] [{column|expr} [option …]] 


ALIAS alias      Assign an alias to a column, which can be used by
                 BREAK, COMPUTE, and other COLUMN commands.
                 COL em_salary+em_bonus ALIAS tot_income

CLEAR            Reset the display attributes for the column to default.

FOLD_AFTER       Inserts a CR after the col heading and after each row. 
FOLD_BEFORE      Inserts a CR before the col heading and before each row.

FORMAT format    Format a column (e.g. COL emp_name FORMAT A15)

HEA[DING] 'text' Set a column heading

                 By default Numbers are right justified, text is left justified.

LIKE {expr|alias}
                 Format like another column (already defined)

NEWLINE          Same as FOLD_BEFORE
NEW_VALUE variable
                 Specify a variable to hold a column value. (see TTITLE)

NOPRINT|PRINT    Display the column

NUL[L] char      Display NULL values as Char

OLD_VALUE variable
                 Specify a variable to hold a column value. (see BTITLE)

ON|OFF           Enable or disable column format attributes

                 How to treat long CHAR strings

expressions like 'em_salary+em_bonus' must match exactly the SELECT statement being run.
If no option is specified, COLUMN will list the current attributes.

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