Editing SQL scripts in SQL*Plus

To run your operating system's default text editor from the SQL*Plus command-line type Edit:

The variable _EDITOR, can be used to setup a preferred text editor, for example, define vi as the SQL*Plus editor:


or define Metapad.exe as the SQL*Plus editor:

DEFINE _EDITOR = Metapad.exe

Include an editor definition like the above in your user profile (login.sql) or site profile ($ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/glogin.sql) so that it is always enabled when you start SQL*Plus.

To create a new script with a text editor, enter EDIT followed by the name of the new file:

SQL > EDIT myscript.sql

The new file will be created in the current directory (wherever you started SQL*Plus)
When you save the script with the text editor, it is saved back into the same file.

You must include a semicolon at the end of each SQL command and a slash (/) on a line by itself after each PL/SQL block in the file.

You can include multiple SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks in a script.

In addition to external editors it is also possible to use the (rather limited) set of editing commands within SQL*Plus itself.

A text Append text at the end of the current line

C/old/new Change old to new in the current line

C/text Delete text from the current line

DEL Delete the current line

L List all lines in the SQL buffer

CLEAR BUFFER Delete all lines



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