Oracle Syntax

SQL, Tools, Concepts and Features.

  SQL*Plus commands (12 pages)
  SQL Functions, (Sum, to_date, to_char etc)
  Date and Time formats
  Analytic SQL Features (8 pages)
  PL/SQL commands  (16 pages)
  Built-In Packages (84 pages)
  Define Variables
  NLS Formats 
  Naming Convention, Reserved keywords & Escape characters
  Optimal Flexibile Architecture (OFA)

  EXPDP and IMPDP Data Pump
  EXP, IMP and SQLLDR parameter files
  Oracle Networking - TNSNames, Listener.ora
Error ORA-12154 TNS:could not resolve service name Versions - Features & release dates. Common Oracle errors Tables and Columns Datatypes (Summary for Oracle versions up to 11g) Data Types and Unicode Data Integrity - Constraints and Triggers Tables - Partitioned, Temporary, External and IOT's Views, Clusters, Indexes
Views and Materialized Views Clusters and Hash Clusters Indexes and Sequences Users and Schemas
Security, Roles and Privileges Tablespaces Concurrency - Multi User access Physical Storage of data
Storage: Blocks, Extents, Segments. Redo, Rollback, Undo Archive Log mode Configuration Startup and Shutdown init.ora Parameters (+ Full List) Architecture diagram (11g) Parallel processing Background processes SQL Scripts Tablespace Free Space List all Sessions List Active Sessions Script to show Object dependencies more scripts can be found on the relevant dictionary pages. Recommended Oracle books

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