Oracle How-to guides and examples

SQL, Tools, Concepts and Features.

  SQL*Plus commands (12 pages)
  SQL Functions, (Sum, to_date, to_char etc)
  Correlated SubQueries
  Date and Time formats
  Analytic SQL Features (8 pages)
  PL/SQL commands  (16 pages)
  Built-In Packages (84 pages)
  Define Variables
  NLS Formats 
  Naming Convention, Reserved keywords & Escape characters
  Optimal Flexibile Architecture (OFA)

  EXPDP and IMPDP Data Pump
  EXP, IMP and SQLLDR parameter files
  Oracle Networking - TNSNames, Listener.ora
Error ORA-12154 TNS:could not resolve service name Versions - Features & release dates. Common Oracle errors Tables and Columns Datatypes (Summary for Oracle versions up to 11g) Data Types and Unicode Data Integrity - Constraints and Triggers Tables - Partitioned, Temporary, External and IOT's Views, Clusters, Indexes
Views and Materialized Views Clusters and Hash Clusters Indexes and Sequences Users and Schemas
Security, Roles and Privileges Tablespaces Concurrency - Multi User access Physical Storage of data
Storage: Blocks, Extents, Segments. Redo, Rollback, Undo Archive Log mode Configuration Startup and Shutdown init.ora Parameters (+ Full List) Architecture diagram (11g) Parallel processing Background processes SQL Scripts Tablespace Free Space List all Sessions List Active Sessions Script to show Object dependencies

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