Manage Advanced Queuing configuration and administration.


CREATE_QUEUE_TABLE  Create a queue table for messages of a predefined type. 

ALTER_QUEUE_TABLE   Alter an existing queue table. 

DROP_QUEUE_TABLE    Drop an existing queue table. 

CREATE_QUEUE        Create a queue in the specified queue table. 

CREATE_NP_QUEUE     Create a nonpersistent RAW queue. 

ALTER_QUEUE         Alter existing properties of a queue. 

DROP_QUEUE          Drop an existing queue. 

START_QUEUE         Enable the specified queue for enqueuing and/or dequeueing. 

STOP_QUEUE          Disable enqueuing and/or dequeuing on the specified queue. 

GRANT_SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE  Grant AQ system privileges to users and roles. 

REVOKE_SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE Revoke AQ system privileges from users and roles. 

GRANT_QUEUE_PRIVILEGE   Grant privileges on a queue to users and roles. 

REVOKE_QUEUE_PRIVILEGE  Revoke privileges on a queue from users and roles. 

ADD_SUBSCRIBER          Add a default subscriber to a queue. 

ALTER_SUBSCRIBER        Alter existing properties of a subscriber to a specified queue. 

REMOVE_SUBSCRIBER       Remove a default subscriber from a queue. 

SCHEDULE_PROPAGATION    Schedule propagation of messages from a queue to a
                        destination identified by a specific dblink. 

UNSCHEDULE_PROPAGATION  Unschedule previously scheduled propagation of messages
                        from a queue to a destination identified by a specific dblink. 

VERIFY_QUEUE_TYPES      Verify that the source and destination queues have identical types. 

ALTER_PROPAGATION_SCHEDULE   Alter parameters for a propagation schedule. 

ENABLE_PROPAGATION_SCHEDULE  Enable a previously disabled propagation schedule. 

DISABLE_PROPAGATION_SCHEDULE Disable a propagation schedule. 

MIGRATE_QUEUE_TABLE          Upgrade an 8.0-compatible queue table to an 8.1-compatible
                             queue table, or downgrade an 8.1-compatible queue table to
                             an 8.0-compatible queue table.  

CREATE_AQ_AGENT         Register a agent for AQ Internet access 

ALTER_AQ_AGENT          Alter a agent registered for AQ Internet access 

DROP_AQ_AGENT           Drop a agent registered for AQ Internet access 

ENABLE_DB_ACCESS        Grant an AQ Internet agent the privileges of a specific database user 

DISABLE_DB_ACCESS       Revoke the privileges of a database user from an AQ Internet agent 

ADD_ALIAS_TO_LDAP       Create an alias for a queue, agent, or a JMS ConnectionFactory in LDAP.  

DEL_ALIAS_FROM_LDAP     Drop an alias for a queue, agent, or JMS ConnectionFactory in LDAP. . 

For full documentation of the packaged procedures above see the Oracle Manual:
"Oracle9i Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference"

or the book Oracle Built in Packages by Steven Feuerstein et al

Also see: Oracle9i Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queuing
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